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Post by MattWarner » Wed Apr 08, 2020 5:22 pm

Hi everyone,

We have had a couple of questions about how to submit signed copies of the amendments electronically, instead of sending the document through the mail.

Here is how to submit the signed amendments electronically:
1) I've attached the Amendments document here. Just print the Amendments and sign the ones you agree with. (Most importantly, please sign the first proposed amendment, in particular.)
2) Take a clear picture or scan the documents (there are apps that allow you to scan the documents with your phone's camera, FWIW).
3) A Lot Owner who signed the amendments must send an email to me (r.matthew.warner@gmail.com) with the signed amendments attached.
4) Put the Street Address of the Lot into the subject line of the email (e.g., 1123 White Birch Ct)

(From our attorney: "A scan or an image sufficient, as long as you keep in your files information (such as the email it came from ) from which it can be reliably determined that it was actually sent by the owner whose signature is represented in the picture or scan.")

Look forward to the submissions!

Matt, CWHA Communications Director
Circle Woods Declaration Amendments 4.2.2020 FINAL.docx
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Circle Woods Declaration Cover Letter 4.2.20 FINAL.docx
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Matt Warner
Winter Pine Ct
Communications Director, CWHA

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